Trinity Schools Curriculum focuses on five main development areas: Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development, and Language Development integrated with Trinity Schools SCEWD (Social/Spiritual, Communicative Arts, Expressive Arts, Wellness and Discovery) and Jesus Time Curriculum. 

A family's culture and the child's experiences outside the school setting are recognized as being an important part of the child's growth and development. The curriculum goals and objectives will guide teachers' planning and instruction based on the developed teaching strategies.

The following links are for the Illinois Learning Standards; 6 weeks through 5 years:

Illinois Early Learning and Development Standars for Preschool (ages 3 to Kindergarten)

Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for Children Birth to Age 3

The links below are Trinity School's SCEWD Curriculum:

Genesis & Psalms (6 weeks - 2 years)

Acts (2's Preschool)

Kings & Romans (Preschool - Pre-Kindergarten)