Trinity's Baby & Toddler Expo!

Hi everyone! This Saturday (Feb. 24) is the big event! I'm excited to announce that we'll be including a raffle with a basket full of AMAZING gifts!

Raffle Basket will include:

-Lovey blanket from Kenzie's Quilts
-Book from Usborne Books
-Book from Generation Claimed
-6 month membership to Maggie's Fresh Kitchen
-$150 certificate towards doula services, a consultation with a registered dietitian, and samples of noodles and boo from Storks & Forks
-Certificate, T-Shirt, and water bottle from Trinity Early Childhood Center
-$100 print credit certificate from Lindsay Chan Photography
-Comprehensive exam, dental cleaning, and a flouride varnish treatment from Tic Tac Tooth Pediatric Dentistry
-Free one-time 45 minute consult for sleep consulting services for ages 4 months - 5 years from Rockabye Sleep Solutions

The first raffle is FREE and each raffle after will be $2 per raffle!

Please bring some friends and/or family and join us for this FREE event! Trinity Early Childhood Center will also be welcoming tours!

We look forward to seeing you all, have a wonderful week!