Teaching Your Child About Easter!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share this great resource with you! I have YouVersion Bible App on my phone (and love!) and they have a children's one too! The "Bible for Kids" is very interactive and a lot of fun, I used it when I was teaching! I receieved this email today stating:

"Holy Week is a great time to discuss what Easter means with the children in your life. Bible App for Kids stories make it easy. “It Is Finished!” tells kids how God sacrificed His Son for us, and “A Happy Sunday” introduces them to the power of Jesus’ resurrection.

Developed in partnership with OneHope, the completely free Bible App for Kids has already been installed on more than 21 million Android, Apple, and Kindle devices, all over the world. And, the Bible App for Kids Storybook makes a great Easter gift!"

As the email said, the Bible App is FREE! Have fun exploring the Bible with your child! You'll love seeing their reactions!

-Cassie Sund, Center Director