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Adjusting to the New Normal in Early Childhood Education

"Recently, I reached out to a group of front-line staff and directors to find out what they were doing, or planning to do, to involve families as programs transition to new ways of doing things as a result of COVID-19. Early childhood educators tend to be creative and resilient, willing to face new challenges with open-mindedness. They soon got used to additional sanitizin...

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Leaf Prints activity by Community Play Things

Leaf Prints If you're looking for a quick, easy-to-set-up art activity that capitalizes on back-yard nature, try this one... All you need is some paper, markers, and freshly picked leaves. Instructions here! -Rhonda from Community Play Things...

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Dear Families of Trinity Early Childhood Center

Dear Families of Trinity Early Childhood Center, I'm happy to share with you that Trinity Early Childhood Center has been thriving while being open under government and DCFS policies and protocol! I would like to invite you to read through this letter of what we are currently doing and what to expect into the fall. Please understand that things may change as the governmen...

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COVID-19 Letter

Dear TECC Families, A novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has dominated news cycles in recent weeks. Following the initial outbreak in China, many countries (includingthe United States) have seen people contract this virus and, in some cases, lose their lives. Since it is new and without a proven track record,no one knows exactly where all this is leading. With that in mind, he...

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"Collaborative Blow Painting"

Collaborative Blow Painting Posted by:RhondaAugust 6, 2019 Here's a great outdoor collaborative art experience you can still try this summer! I've done blow painting before as an individual Pre-K art activity, but outside, around a big table with multiple artists was far more entertaining. Try it:Cover your entire Outlast Table (or any table with a smooth surface) wi...

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Join TECC's Explore God Discussion Group!

We all have questions about God, faith, and purpose; Explore God is a unique effort to come together to look at these questions in an open, authentic way. Join us as we explore The 7 Big Questions:DOES LIFE HAVE A PURPOSE?IS THERE A GOD?WHY DOES GOD ALLOW PAIN AND SUFFERING?IS CHRISTIANITY TOO NARROW?IS JESUS REALLY GOD?IS THE BIBLE RELIABLE?CAN I KNOW GOD PERSONALLY? Dir...

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What Is Wonder? by Community Play Things

"We feel wonder in our hearts, play with wonder in our minds, and know wonder’s ability to uplift our spirits."...

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Hands At Play by Community Play Things

"'You have to go big, before going small,' was the take-away message. Balance, shoulder strength, and eye-hand coordination, are all foundational skills which have to be established before pre-writing skills. Pressuring a child to master fine motor skills before they are ready will lead to failure."...

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Biting Strategies - Babycenter!

Biting Strategies, Babycenter: "Preschoolers bite when they're mad or feel threatened, usually because they're having trouble communicating their feelings. Actions speak louder than words, so ... chomp!"...

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Messy Learning by Community Play Things

"Children learn best through direct experiences. If a child’s environment is too sterile they are deprived of the deep exploration that comes from “making a mess”. How can an educator embrace this rich learning without worrying about keeping the floor clean or the furniture intact? Take it outside!" - Rhonda from Community Play Things...

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